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VS Model Candice Swanepoel Wears Head-Turning Hot Pink

When it comes to bathing suits, I'm a sucker for this shade of pink.  I'm also really starting to like fixed triangle tops like this, because I don't have to adjust them constantly when they start sliding around.  

You can get Candice Swanepoel's Minimale Animale Stranger bikini at Nasty Gal.  Unless I beat you to it. :)


Mikoh Brings a Taste of Hawaii to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami 2015

(Video credit: Arts and Culture TV)

Watching the opening of the Mikoh Swimwear runway show made me smile inside, and reminded me of why I love Miami Swim Week!  While some of the other fashion weeks around the world have a tendency to be somewhat uppity and exclusory, the designers that show in Miami keep things fun, relaxed, down-to-earth, and beachy with an island feel.  The drum beats and continuous boom-boom hip shake of Mikoh's authentic hula dancers made me feel like I was at a luau surrounded by tiki torches on the west side of Oahu, and gave me the urge to get up and shake my own hips!  Mikoh's collection was also very impressive to me, featuring absolutely perfect cuts, pretty prints, airy fabrics, ocean blues, coral pink, and enough black and white minimalist simplicity to keep my internal Calvin Klein-ish side satisfied.  

(Photo credit: Zimbio)

Above: a few of my favorite pieces from the show.  The bandeau set on the left and the romper on the right would make a pretty chic and comfy outfit.  


Frankie's Bikinis Runway Debut in Miami

Well, friends... Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami has commenced!  What does this mean?  Sweltering Florida heat; fashion tents; white runways; model castings; guest lists; bikinis everywhere you turn; and 4 days filled with trade show pandemonium, wherein brands from all corners of the world exhibit their latest array of swimwear designs for the coming year.

Last night, the famously skimpy brand of bathing suits known as Frankie's Bikinis debuted their 2015 swimwear collection in The Oasis tent at The Raleigh hotel, generating even more momentum for this trendy Malibu-based brand.  Designed in California by the curvaceous beauty, Francesca Aiello, Frankie's Bikinis "aims to satisfy the needs of surfers who demand functionality and a great look when they hit the waves."  Whether you surf or not, trust me, Frankie's is a brand that you're gonna want to be familiar with.  Each bikini evinces the freedom of being a young, carefree beach girl, embodying a sense of unique creativity that stands out from the crowd.  It's a style of swimwear that interweaves fashion-forward detailing and seamless silhouettes in a way that makes you feel sexy and powerfully feminine, yet also prudent and smart (for purchasing such a functional, wearable bathing suit).  I wish that they would design ONE pair of bottoms with more bottom coverage for girls who are 25+, but still, Frankie's Bikinis is one of my top 10 best brands in the industry right now.  I already have 2-3 favorites from the new collection that I'll be adding to my wish list.

Oh, and did I mention that Francesca --  the creative visionary behind the brand -- is also the youngest designer to ever show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week?!  (She's only 19. That's crazy...)

Follow Frankie's Bikinis on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to see her latest designs!


Summer Style Inspo: Dress Up Your Bathing Suit

If anyone can make a bathing suit look glamorous enough for a night at a Michelin-starred restaurant, it's Miranda Kerr.  She's wearing what looks like the Zimmermann "Sundown" one-piece that I saw at Largo Drive a few weeks ago.  Spaghetti straps, a perfectly plunged neckline, and semi-sheer mesh panels (which are oh so hot right now) make this a one-piece fashionable enough to transcend the boundaries of the beach.  Complement a high-class one-piece like this with a necklace, some earrings, a mini or pencil skirt, high-waisted woven or crocheted shorts, a shoulder bag and a slightly smoky eye for a polished summer look.  

Find this swimsuit in stock here and here!


Swimsuit Shopping Tips for Body-Conscious Women

{This is a guest post from the founder of Carla Swimwear, an Australian swimwear boutique with a great selection of swimsuits for women of all sizes.  Shop her selection of one-pieces online here, and keep reading for some tips on finding a flattering bathing suit!}

Women often dread the summer season, because soaring temperatures means peeling off those extra layers of clothing.  With beach season, the dread intensifies and they turn towards fashion gurus and experts for tips on hiding cellulite and the tummy bulge while sporting stylish swimwear.  Here are four simple tricks to help you look slimmer at the beach: 


Buy big.  It may be tempting to wear a skimpy bikini at the beach, but fashion experts believe that buying at least one size larger than your actual size can help you look slimmer.  When you wear a smaller size, the cloth fits snugly around your body, emphasizing its flaws.  Do not let your swimsuit cling to your body like a second skin.  A little breathing room between your skin and the cloth will hide the bulges.  

Avoid wearing a two-piece swimsuit and prefer options with more fabrics.  Some swimwear brands like Sunflair or MiracleSuit offer great alternatives for full-figured women.  If you know you have a tummy bulge, you should attempt to cover it up.  However, if you choose to wear a two-piece swimsuit, choose a slightly loose tank style with bikini bottoms in a matching color.  

Be careful with colors.  Women love sporting brightly colored bikinis, but if you are overweight, it's best to avoid suits with busy patterns and invest in suits with solid colors.  If you have a slight tummy bulge, avoid wearing clothes with designs around the midsection.  The area where the patterns are placed on your swimsuit is usually the first place that people look.  (Patterns attract the eye!)  So try to buy swimsuits that have a design or pattern where you want to draw attention, and only in the areas that you want to accentuate.  A great example is the "Classique" one-piece range by Jets Swimwear.

Ruching is good for you.  Look for a swimsuit that has ruched or draped fabric.  Ruching not only adds detailing to your bathing suit, it also have a slimming effect, because it cinches your waistline and distracts from a bulging tummy.  Swimsuits in solid colors that have ruching at the waist are ideal for overweight women who have protruding bellies.  You can also try to find body-shaping suits.  Though they are slightly more expensive, they reshape your body well and help you draw attention exactly where you want it.

Choose flattering details.  Swimsuits with billowy tops, ruffles and frills on the neckline can have a very flattering effect on your beach look.  A billowy top hides your midsection and brings attention to your shoulders and collarbone area, which can help you look slimmer than you are.  If you have slender shoulders and well-defined collarbones, this is the best bathing suit choice for you.  Buy these swimsuits in solid colors if you want to enhance their slimming effect.